Handling dental issues during Coronavirus isolation

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If you have a dental problem during isolation, please see below:

  • If you have broken a tooth or lost a filling or a crown, and it isn’t giving you more than mild discomfort, please keep the region clean (plenty of brushing and flossing using interdental brushes).  If you can keep hold of the crown, we may be able to fix it back in place once the surgery is up and running.
  • If you have discomfort or toothache, please avoid doing anything that will trigger the pain and take appropriate pain relief.
  • If you have a swelling around a tooth or in the gum, please use warm salty mouth rinses 3-4 times per day.  This will help draw out the bacteria and will provide some pain relief.
  • If you have problems with a Wisdom tooth, please  use warm salt water mouth rinses 3-4 times per day and take appropriate pain relief, ideally an anti-inflammatory, such as Ibuprofen (do not exceed the maximum daily dose, and take it with or just after food). Keep the region clean with your usual toothbrush, or a single-tufted toothbrush, if you have one. Sometimes applying a warm flannel on the side of the jaw adjacent to the region of discomfort can help.
  • If you have sensitivity on a tooth or around the gum-line, try rubbing desensitising toothpaste onto the region before going to bed at night.  Make sure your finger is clean beforehand(!) and leave a small amount of toothpaste on the tooth surface (i.e. don’t rinse it off after).

For general information regarding Tavistock's services during the pandemic, please visit https://www.tavistockhouse.co.uk/coronavirus/

For general tips for dental health at home, please visit https://www.tavistockhouse.co.uk/news/top_tips_for_family_dental_health/

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