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Welcome to Tavistock House!

At Tavistock House Dental Practice, we value our relationship with our patients.

Celebrating 50 years of Tavistock House!

Tavistock House opened its doors on 19th December 1973. Read more

Tavistock house 1973-2023

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A Brief History of Tavistock House (in years)
  • 1973 -Tavistock House was established, prior to which, the practice had existed (but was simply known as the dental practice on Tring Road)
  • 1978 -we were the first practice in the area to employ a permanent hygienist (and now we have 3!)
  • 2002 -we started to have a regularly visiting Oral Surgeon (and we have had one ever since), allowing us to offer complex treatments in-house
  • 2003 -a computer booking system replaced the appointment book!
  • 2004 -we started to use digital X-ray technology alongside traditional film X-rays
  • 2007 -Tavistock House became fully computerised
  • 2010 -intra-oral cameras were fitted in all surgeries and taking photos became a standard part of our appointments, helping us to demonstrate teeth needing treatment to our patients, and also to document areas of concern
  • 2011 -we were awarded membership of the BDA Good Practice Scheme
  • 2013 -we incorporated low-dose digital X-ray technology throughout the practice
  • 2020 -we closed for 10 weeks, at the height of the global pandemic.  When we reopened, it was with even more stringent cross infection measures and policies to protect our patients and staff
  • 2021 -we were awarded Gold membership with the BDA for achieving the standards of the scheme for 10 years!

“Prevention is better than cure”

Prevention is the cornerstone of our practice.  By advising on home care and creating a mindset for regular hygienist visits we can dramatically reduce the need for active treatment, whilst ensuring the longevity of old fillings.

Our pledge to our patients
  • We will listen and be sympathetic to our patients dental needs and concerns
  • We will always give advice and guidance for treatment, tailored to each individual patient
  • We will always use the most up-to-date techniques and most appropriate materials
  • We will deliver your treatment in the safest and most pain-free manner possible
  • We will give you a full estimate prior to commencing treatment (95% of the time this is given immediately following your check-up)

“Our patients are the heart of everything we do”

We establish and maintain rapport with our patients and provide a fair, honest and ethical approach.  We believe this is why, so few patients ever leave us.

Always with our patient’s best interests in mind, we listen, and provide treatment options.  We provide estimates for the proposed treatment and always communicate any necessary changes.

In addition
  • All our staff keep well ahead of the requirement of our governing body with regard to our training and professional advancement
  • We host annual in-house courses for our staff, including; Basic Life Support and Medical Emergencies, Infection Control, Disinfection and Decontamination, and Safeguarding for Children and Vulnerable Adults
  • We offer evening appointments with our dentists and hygienists (Tuesdays and Thursdays).  As you can imagine, these are very popular and tend to get booked up weeks in advance
  • Many of our new patients come by way of recommendation.  If you have been recommended to the practice, please let us know who by, so we can thank them personally

“Constant advancement”

We enjoy our work and strive for constant improvement.  We are passionate about learning new techniques, discovering new materials and attending regular training courses.  Internally we share knowledge to learn new ways to improve our services.

Some of the treatments we offer
  • In-house tooth whitening in about an hour
  • Home whitening treatment -with full guidance and support
  • 3 types of cosmetic tooth alignment, including fixed braces with tooth coloured wires and brackets (the CFast system), clear Aligners including SmileTru and Invisalign, and Inman Aligners
  • Composite Bonding, to repair small chips on teeth and mask imperfections
  • Veneers and crowns
  • Root canal treatment, using the newest and most efficient rotary file system, along with single-use files to ensure there is no cross-contamination between patients
  • Implant-retained crowns and bridges
  • Bridges
  • Dentures (on both acrylic and chrome-cobalt frameworks)
  • Gumshields (for adults and children)
  • Biteguards

Discover the Tavistock House Experience



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For safety and efficiency, please pay by contactless or card whenever possible.

Please note that we are a private practice and do not provide NHS treatments.

  • Coronavirus update

    It's business as usual at Tavistock House!  We are open and providing our full range of treatments - but by appointment only.

    At Tavistock House, we always take the safety and well-being of our patients and staff as our very highest priority.

    Please visit www.tavistockhouse.co.uk/coronavirus/ to find out more.

    If you have a dental problem during isolation, please visit isolation advice.

    Please do not attend without an appointment.

The Tavistock House Experience

  • Your 1st appointment - what to expect
    • This usually takes 45-60 minutes.
    • We would request that you attend 5-10 minutes prior to your allocated appointment time, to give yourself adequate time to fill in a new medical history form.
    • We will listen to any issues you may have regarding your teeth and/ or gums.
    • We will then carry out a full mouth examination, including teeth (and existing fillings or crowns), gums and soft tissues.
    • Where appropriate, we will take a series of low dose, phosphor-plate digital X-rays.
    • We will take appropriate photos of your teeth and will show and discuss these with you, along with your X-rays, highlighting areas of concern or potential problems.
    • We will discuss with you your possible treatment options, including which materials to use on your teeth, and consequences of deferring certain treatments. We can also advise you as to which treatments to prioritise.
    • We will give you a full, no obligation estimate for any planned treatment at the end of your appointment.
    • And, if you are happy to go ahead with treatment, your next appointment can be booked.


    If you’d like to learn more about what we are doing to keep our patients safe please refer to our Coronavirus page.


  • Why choose us?

    We have been long-established in the area (over 45 years!).  We are proudly independent and not part of a corporate body of practices.  We appreciate that many patients are anxious about dental treatment and will do our best to allay your fears.

    • Over the last 10 years, the whole practice has been modernised, treatment rooms have been refurbished, and new dental chairs and equipment have been installed.
    • We are fully computerised, with the latest dental software, and will keep your information fully secure.
    • We use low dose, phosphor-plate digital X-rays and intra-oral cameras in each surgery. In 99% of cases, X-rays are checked while you are in the chair. You will be shown photos that we take, showing you regions of problems, potential problems, and even areas that you may be missing with your toothbrush (or over-brushing) when you are cleaning your teeth at home. These photos can also help guide you to making the right treatment choices for you.
    • We offer our existing patients (one’s who have had a check-up within the last 6 months) a complimentary 30-minute consultation appointment for tooth whitening or cosmetic tooth alignment (straightening).


  • Your children
    • We see children privately at a reduced rate for check up appointments and treatment. This allows us the time and freedom to give you and your children the best advice and treatment options. See our fees here.
    • All our dentists are very experienced at treating children.
    • We purposefully see most children in appointments made after school and during school holidays.
    • We have good ties with existing orthodontists in the area. We have a robust referral system to ensure that children that we see get the opportunity for orthodontic referral if and when appropriate.
  • Accessibility
    • We are on a frequent bus route, 10 minutes’ walk from the nearest train station (Aylesbury).
    • We are on a main road and have a large, easily accessible car park at the back of the building. This is free for use by our patients.
    • We are open Monday to Friday, including 2 evenings (Tuesday & Thursday) until 8pm.
    • We have 4 hygienists working 5 days per week, including 2 evenings. We have referred a number of children to them in the past, to assist with compliance of good oral hygiene, especially prior to, during, and on completion of orthodontic treatment. The hygienists work in their own specified treatment room.


  • Disabled access
    • We have 3 additional treatment rooms, including a downstairs surgery, suitable for patients requiring disabled access, or who may have difficulty with stairs.
    • We have a downstairs toilet, suitable for patients requiring disabled facilities.
    • We have 2 large waiting areas for our patients, including one downstairs.
  • Emergency appointments
    • On a typical working day, we usually expect to have 2 or 3 clinicians working, either the morning, afternoon/ evening session, or both. As an existing patient, if you did need an emergency appointment, we would try & get you in on the same day or next working day with one of our dentists.
    • We would ask you to please contact us as early as possible to give us the best chance of getting you seen as soon as possible.
  • Furthermore
    • When faced with challenging cases, and with your consent, our dentists may discuss your anonymised treatment with one other to reach the best solution for you.
    • Our dentists are constantly seeking out new courses to increase the range and quality of services we can provide to our patients in-house. If we are unable to provide a particular service, we will certainly do our utmost to refer you to someone in the area who we think can help you. If we can’t give you a solution, we can usually find someone who can!
    • Our staff are all trained and long qualified. We have little staff turnaround and some of our reception staff and nurses have been with the practice for over 20 years! We understand that it is important to have a friendly face greeting you when you come in and to hear a familiar voice on the phone when you ring us.
  • I don’t have any suggestions as they are an amazingly good dental practice.  Been coming for years.  Don’t change if it aint broken!!

  • No complaints. I travel a long way to stay with this practice… thank you all very much for such excellent dental care and for fitting us in as “emergencies” when needed and for being friendly and kind. – Dr Kate Hill

  • A huge thank you to Carlton and his lovely staff who were so kind and helpful. My 9-year-old son hit his tooth on a table. They kindly saw my son as an emergency and were so kind and professional. Thank you very much all. - Kate

  • Thank you and your team for your kindness and patience during today's treatment.  With best wishes to you all from a contented patient, Richard Stevenson.

  • How pleased I am with the care and skill that you put into the fillings — they are almost impossible to detect…the treatment was gentle and painless. - D R Walker

  • Brilliant, always helpful, always kind. Now on two occasions I’ve been seen at short notice

  • Friendly staff, a lot of people I know are scared of the dentist, they should come here and watch the fear dissolve

  • Lovely staff. Efficient response to need for treatment. Superb dental treatment

  • Best dentist I’ve ever had.  Staff always make you feel at ease and the dental care is first class.  I’d highly recommend. - Annette

  • Not a bad bunch of people. Makes a great cuppa! 50 years at this practice and I still have teeth, not all but terrific treatment and patience by the team. Has been brilliant.

  • I had a filling and the person that done it was lovely and it did not hurt and it was my first one.

  • Dr Carlton Morris expertly assessed the dental work necessary for me as a new patient and has now completed the work with great care. I am impressed and very grateful - Dr A . Paterson

  • Lovely service as always!

  • Always very helpful + professional service from all the team. - JRT

  • Sue is always friendly and a superb hygienist – it’s a pleasure to visit - I I Mulins

  • I'm constantly amazed by the advance of technology used by Tavistock Dental Practice, their thoroughness, excellent time keeping, and the excellent customer friendly receptionists. - Chris Plumb

  • I highly recommend having the C-Fast brace. I am really happy with the results of the treatment - NN

  • Welcoming, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and cutting edge Practice - Glynis Spenceley 6/2/2018

  • My family and I have been with this surgery since August 1976. The treatments have been first class. It is friendly & welcoming - Jackson A.

  • I first came to this practice in the summer of 1976. It is a brilliant practice and I would recommend it to anyone. The staff are great. - Barrington Jackson

  • Caroline Gerasch is an excellent dentist. She is kind, friendly not in the least bit patronising and creates a relaxing atmosphere - C. Caswell

  • Excellent and made to feel at ease as always - D.K. Spittles

  • Once again thank you Team at last I’ve found the perfect dentist - W. Wilson

  • A first class dentist and hygienist service. I have been with them for 40 years and have always been well cared for, with friendly and helpful staff.

  • Excellent dental practice. Patient for many, many years. Thank you to all the staff - H.C.Davies

  • Best dentist ever!

  • Staff very friendly + helpful, efficient, caring - Poell B.H

  • After having avoided dentists for over a decade, I was very nervous!  Tavistock put me at ease, were friendly, explained everything and made it easy.  I highly recommend Tavistock Dental Practice - Steve Munden

Read more about our aims

We plan to continue providing a range of very high quality dental treatments and services; fillings, extractions, crowns etc. to our patients of all ages, in a long established practice. We plan to continue providing diagnostic and screening procedures to allow for treatment of dental disease, disorder or injury, as well as dental surgical procedures to the best of our ability. Where appropriate and necessary, if diagnosis or treatment lies outside the realms of our expertise within the practice, we will always refer patients to an external provider, to ensure that suitable treatment is subsequently carried out.

We are proud to have been awarded membership of the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme since 2011 and we are constantly trying to improve the quality and range of services we can provide to our patients.

Mission statement

To provide the highest quality dental care across the whole spectrum of dentistry.

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