We offer existing patients complimentary 20-minute, no-obligation treatment assessments.  These ensure suitability, discuss the procedure, and advise on future maintenance.

Crowns and bridges

We can provide cosmetic Zirconia and well as porcelain-bonded to precious metal (“PBCs”) crowns and bridges as well as gold work.  We offer a 5-year warranty on all Zirconia and porcelain-bonded work, and a lifetime warranty* on gold work!

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* Warranty on integrity of lab work for as long as you remain a patient at the practice, and if regular check-up and hygienist appointments are kept as recommended.

We are proud to have been awarded membership of the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme since 2011 and we are constantly trying to improve the quality and range of services we can provide to our patients.

Mission statement

To provide the highest quality dental care across the whole spectrum of dentistry.

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