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Family dentistry

At Tavistock House dental practice our team of dental professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care using the most modern materials and techniques for you and your family.

We aim to preserve the health of your teeth and gums for life by giving first-class preventative care provided by our team of dentists and hygienists. And of course our reception and nursing staff are there to look after you throughout your dental experience.

As a family practice we take great pride in helping our younger patients grow up with healthy teeth and gums. To protect them from the risk of decay, we offer some highly effective treatments such as fissure sealants and topical fluoride applications.

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Tooth whitening

If the colour of your teeth is not to your liking, have you considered tooth whitening? You may, or seen celebrities in the media who have undergone it, but wondered what exactly it is, what it involves, and whether it would be suitable for you!

At Tavistock House, we can provide you with everything you need to whiten your teeth safely and effectively. An impression is taken of your top and bottom teeth, and we obtain close-fitting trays, specifically made for your mouth, from our laboratory. We then supply you with syringes of whitening gel to fill the trays with, and these would be worn for several hours per night. We would expect a noticeable change within the first couple of weeks.

A small degree of sensitivity during the procedure is not uncommon and would be expected to settle following completion of the whitening course. Crowns, veneers and white fillings will not be affected by the whitening agent – please speak to one of our dentists for further information about what can be done about these.

We would recommend a hygienist appointment prior to commencing home whitening in order to remove surface stains and tartar deposits which could compromise your result by restricting the closeness of the fit of the trays.

On completion of the course, we would expect the colour to remain lighter for at least a year, often more. Extrinsic stains (from smoking, red wine, coffee, etc.) can cause surface discolorations (but one of our hygienists can remove this quickly and effectively).

Philips Zoom!

Teeth now whitened in-house in about an hour using a Philips Zoom system.

Dental implants

Implants are the revolutionary way to replace missing teeth and can make the lifelong desire for a wonderful smile real.

Implants are basically titanium cylinder screws that are placed in the gums, which over the course of a few months, the body accepts as a new root. A porcelain crown is then attached to the root to give you an artificial tooth that looks, feels and functions like your natural tooth.

You may have lost teeth for a number of reasons - decay, gum disease or sometimes after an accident. Missing teeth can lead to feelings of self-consciousness.

What does treatment involve?

At the first consultation, impressions and x-rays will be taken of your teeth and mouth . Your dentist will make a thorough assessment to ensure that this really is the best course of treatment for you. If it is, treatment starts with the placing of a titanium root with a simple operation under a local anaesthetic. This is then left undisturbed for three to six months during which time the titanium root integrates with your jawbone. Impressions are then taken and a porcelain tooth is constructed. The procedure is complete when your dentist connects the porcelain crown, via an abutment to the implant root.

Implants are long lasting and being free-standing, don’t require drilling into adjacent teeth. They are cleaned and flossed between just like your natural teeth. Implanted teeth are actually stronger than natural teeth and many patients report the renewed ability to eat all sorts of foods when once they could only manage soft foods.

Ask at the practice for more details.

Preventative dental care

At Tavistock House dental practice, preventative dentistry is at the heart of everything that we do. More time spent on hygiene visits and education will mean less time having teeth filled or removed and less cost to you, the patient. Something we're sure that you will welcome!

Better oral health is increasingly recognised as important to the body as a whole and not just the mouth. So, what are our 8 top tips to help you enjoy better oral health?

  1. Stop smoking. As well as the well known problems in relation to lung cancer and heart disease, smoking is a major contributory factor in oral cancer. It can also cause gum inflammation and leads to periodontal disease, which leads to gum recession and eventually tooth loss.
  2. Enjoy alcohol in moderation. Alcohol is another contributory factor to oral cancer.
  3. Avoid fizzy drinks and sugary snacks. These lead to a massive increase in plaque which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  4. Try and restrict food intake to mealtimes. Oral bacteria benefit from the constant nourishment that snacking can provide. If you must snack, then try and choose foods like fresh fruit or cheese which are better for your teeth, and rinse your mouth with water straight after.
  5. Eat a well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This will lead to healthier gums and supporting tissues for your teeth.
  6. Brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. (Children under 7 should only use a pea sized amount of a low fluoride toothpaste).
  7. Floss every day. Ask us how to if you are not sure - don't worry - a lot of people don't know how to do it properly until they are shown!
  8. Visit Tavistock House dental practice regularly for hygiene appointments.

Cosmetic dentistry

These days, cosmetic (or 'aesthetic') dentistry is very often in the news and beauty sections of the press.

You may have heard certain terms and wondered, 'What does that mean?' We hope that this brief guide will go some way to answering your questions.


Bridges are porcelain teeth attached at one or both ends to your natural teeth. They can be used to replace one or more teeth. When missing teeth are replaced with a bridge, the adjacent teeth will need to be reshaped in order to support the bridge.


Veneers are thin coverings of porcelain shaped to fit over your teeth thus covering any imperfections and delivering a 'perfect smile'. They come in many shades and are very long lasting.

White Fillings

If you have unsightly 'black/silver' amalgam fillings these can now be replaced with white fillings. They are long-lasting, natural looking and are very strong, and a great alternative to traditional silver fillings.


A crown is an artificial shell used to replace missing portions of a tooth. The crown 'caps' a tooth in order to restore or improve the shape, size and appearance of the tooth. Crowns are increasingly used in cosmetic dentistry where they may be used to cover badly shaped or discoloured teeth.

Mission statement

To provide the highest quality dental care across the whole spectrum of dentistry.

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We plan to continue providing a range of very high quality dental treatments and services; fillings, extractions, crowns etc. to our patients of all ages, in a long established practice. We plan to continue providing diagnostic and screening procedures to allow for treatment of dental disease, disorder or injury, as well as dental surgical procedures to the best of our ability. Where appropriate and necessary, if diagnosis or treatment lies outside the realms of our expertise within the practice, we will always refer patients to an external provider, to ensure that suitable treatment is subsequently carried out.

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BDA good practice member

We are proud to have been awarded membership of the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme since 2011 and we are constantly trying to improve the quality and range of services we can provide to our patients.

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